Sacred Springs Farm has partnered with HRx Renaissance Consortium, Inc. to deliver an amazing leadership program entitled Renaissance Reconnections™. A leadership and organizational development firm, HRx Renaissance Consortium, Inc., provides consulting services and leadership development programs to a variety of industries both in the US and internationally.

“This workshop requires only an open mind to learning. leave your preconceived ideas and misgivings at the door. … I got a new set of tools that allowed me to better discover the riches embedded in myself, others and the world around me. … I was amazed to see the communication with other participants improve steadily throughout the week, with the initial tension that we all arrived carrying, being replaced by relaxation and joy.”
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The Renaissance Reconnections™ Program is a leadership retreat and self-development program conducted each spring and fall at Sacred Springs Farm. Utilizing a variety of creative and innovative approaches to learning, the program allows participants to discover a better connection between their individual purpose and the work that they do in their organization, assuring greater job satisfaction, better business results and improved retention of talented employees. Among the many transformative techniques the program utilizes, participants will work with the Lusitano horses of Sacred Springs to develop a better understanding of their own personal leadership.

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