There is no better way to appreciate a Lusitano Horse than to try one. At Sacred Springs Farm, in addition to training the horses in our round pen or riding arena, we ride them all on our trails as often as possible. Not only is it a perfect way to “condition” a horse physically, but a gentle walk in the woods is as relaxing for our companions as it is for us.

Our Farm is situated on 150 acres of rolling hills, most of it wooded. Our trails are soft, shaded and well maintained. Several creeks and natural obstacles provide opportunities for more extensive training. We have a 12 cross country trail jumps for more advanced riders and horses. The properties directly adjacent to ours offer over 60 miles of trail riding without having to cross a road or see a house.

While this is all for our private use, occasionally we will invite advanced riders who are interested in the Lusitano Horse to join us on a trail ride.Riding a Lusitano horse at Sacred Springs Farm is a relaxing and pleasant way to spend one's hours.