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Allow us to share with you our experience with the Lusitano horse and some of our observations based on a lifetime of handling, riding and breeding horses.

Our philosophy is that riding is a pleasure and the horse a companion in the pursuit of that pleasure. But with what type of a companion is it best to establish that partnership?

A horse that cannot be trusted?  A horse that may kick or bite a person?  A horse that runs away from you when asked to come in from the paddock?  Certainly not.

At Sacred Springs Farm, we have a zero tolerance policy for bad behavior in a horse.  Fortunately, the Lusitano horse is known as the most “people pleasing horse” there is, and our breeding program has produced offspring who embody that trait. While any horse can occasionally be moody, or have a bad day, the most compelling behavioral characteristic of the Lusitano breed is its desire to please.

Buying a horse is a very important decision because it is a significant emotional and financial investment. The price of a horse is, however, only a fraction of what it will cost over the twenty years or so that it will need nurturing, care, training and feeding. We have experienced the Lusitano horse as very robust, healthy animals with excellent feet and joints, keeping our veterinarian and farrier bills to a minimum.

We believe that training a horse is about building a gratifying relationship for both the horse and the rider. It is a journey (not a destination) that evolves and grows over years of partnership, trust building and love between the horse and rider. If you are looking for an intelligent, fun, sensible and reliable companion to partner with, you want a Lusitano.

Finally, the Lusitano is a beautiful animal. It has a long noble head, large almond shaped eyes, a powerful arched neck, a short-coupled body with powerful shoulders, a gently sloping croup, fine legs with excellent dense bone, agile elevated movements coupled with a comfortable ride and an abundant and silky mane and tail.

There are a few excellent reference books about the breed and published breed standards that the interested reader should review.  Please check our section on the breed standard for further detail on the Lusitano.

Othelo, Sacred Springs Farm's Lusitano Stallion

Our Mission Statement at Sacred Springs:

At Sacred Springs Farm, we are committed to the breeding and training of world class Lusitano horses from the best bloodlines and temperaments available throughout the world.  We breed our horses to excel in all riding disciplines including: dressage; show jumping; three-day eventing; carriage driving; and hunting.

We will work diligently to help our clients select the best Lusitano horse for themselves, through our breeding program or elsewhere.  Our overarching commitment is to assist both the horse and rider in establishing an enjoyable, long-lasting and successful partnership.

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